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Doctors’ Assessment Of Imrali Island Prison

We are allowed no knowledge of Abdullah Öcalan’s actual health, but Kurdish doctors have analysed conditions in İmralı from a medical perspective and highlighted the significant health risks.

They list four main findings:

1. The high humidity on the island is a high risk factor for Mr. Öcalan’s health.

2. The conditions on the prison island allow only few measures to minimize health risks caused by the climate.

3. Multiple challenges exist regarding access to health services on an island.

4. Mr Öcalan is being held in solitary confinement for most of the time with massive effects on physical and mental health.

They conclude that:

The conditions on the island are unacceptable, especially in the context of health. In addition to the climatic conditions, the political circumstances pose a considerable health risk. The right to health integrity in all areas relating to health does not exist. There is also no adequate access to medical care. The requirements and demands of the CPT [European Committee for the Prevention of Torture] in this regard are ignored by the Turkish government. Considering the political significance of Abdullah Öcalan, the situation is very critical. Urgent intervention is therefore required. Mr. Öcalan must have unrestricted access to medical care. Solitary confinement must be lifted immediately.

You can download the full report here

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